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Visionary digitalization, blockchain, sustainability: The building blocks for a new era of construction.

The real estate of tomorrow is digital, sustainable, and blockchain-based. Progressive digitalization is changing the way we develop, build, and manage real estate. It enables more efficient and optimized processes and is in line with innovative sustainability concepts, which is the key to a better future. At the same time, blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are processed – transparent, digital, and secure.

We see ourselves as a part of this development and actively shape it.

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Project development

Urban Designers

A boutique developer in a class of its own.

Our project business is characterized by a progressive mindset, targeted action, and strategic implementation – be it for our own projects or on behalf of external developers and investors. With a holistic view of what is happening on each project, we develop tailor-made solutions and enable our customers to always get the best results.

Sustainable, of high quality, and needs-based.

Internal project development

As a developer, we already have a large number of our own projects in the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region and beyond that we have successfully accomplished. We rely on tailor-made planning and sustainable building structures. Short decision paths and flat hierarchies make us particularly flexible when purchasing properties and using capital in the course of the project makes us adaptable.

  • Purchase of land (with and without building permits)
  • Demolition of buildings for residential development
  • Commercial properties for conversion and development into residential spaces

An optimized and profitable process

External project development

As experienced real estate experts, we participate in various external projects together with our partners and other clients. This is where our strength lies: Analyzing the concrete development potential and creating innovative visions from it. Our excellent knowledge of the regional markets and our excellent expertise make this possible.

  • Analysis of the optimal combination of location, capital, and project idea
  • Determination of the development standard, the construction and ancillary construction costs, as well as fee structures
  • Planning of construction times and measures, as well as cost controlling
  • Analysis of the market environment
  • Presentation of exit options

Real estate marketing and distribution

Market knowledge

Adapting to the future requires the power of experience.

Global marketing

Builder distribution

Marketing and sales are essential components of successful project development and implementation since they secure the investment project economically and ensure speedy and flexible capital. These key factors are guarantors of successful sales and start at the project initiation.

  • Highly efficient sales structures and committed cooperation with project partners and external property developers for a smooth sales process
  • Effective floor plan design and space efficiency that cater to the needs of the target audience
  • Leveraging a comprehensive marketing mix to achieve wide reach and breadth, as well as visibility for the new building project

Individual and target-group-specific

Marketing concepts

Creative advertising design is crucial for successful project sales. Through the targeted promotion of synergies between project development and marketing, we have a strategic market positioning and a precise target group approach. Through this, we achieve high visibility and project attractiveness in order to get the best possible results.

  • Individual CI design for outstanding recognition
  • Building a strong brand to clearly differentiate the new building project from others
  • Project-related and target-group-specific communication and marketing concepts